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February 21, 2011
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RoA: Bouje Ref by Alcalius RoA: Bouje Ref by Alcalius
EDIT: I changed his strengths/weaknesses. I hope this is a little better. I also changed his story a bit.

Okay so after much technological difficulty, I have managed to complete my reference for Race of Aleria! This will be my first OCT (fun stuff) and I shall be entering Bouje. I hope I get in! Anticipation! Also everyone else already has at least their first audition page in so I'm kind of freaking out! *gasp gasp* Anyways, here's a text wall for you to read! Yay!

Name: Bouje
Age: 18 human years
Gender: Male
Species: Tarphon (Chlorophyllic Gelatinous Mass)
Height: 7' 3"
Weight: 325 lbs

- Bouje's body can deflect attacks of blunt force. For example, if punched, kicked, pierced, or stabbed, he can absorb the object, expel it out of him, or crush it. However, he is still vulnerable to being cut and sliced. It is also harder for him to expel smaller items from his body.
- Bouje can change his body's properties. He can either cause a part of his body to be hard, or make it sticky.
- Destabilizing: This is when Bouje changes the properties of his body so that his fluids become a sort of toxin. If this toxin touches living material, it will deconstruct its molecular bonds and "destabilize" it, causing extreme pain in the area of contact and rendering it impossible to move or function for a limited amount of time. If this toxin is ingested, it could be fatal unless immediately expelled from the body (usually through vomiting). Bouje can only use this if he is losing consciousness.
- Breathes in carbon dioxide, exhales oxygen. Uses chlorophyll to draw energy from the sun.

- Physical resistance: against blunt force
- Flexible
- Good with close combat
- Quick-thinking

- The gears in his stomach: If two or more are successfully removed, Bouje will lose consciousness (these can usually be heard, if not seen)
- Heat: causes him to lose substance, causes numbness in area affected
- Electricity: will shock his nerves temporarily, cause him to move more slowly, possible temporary paralysis
- Vulnerable to cutting and slicing attacks, as he cannot deflect these well
- Extremely sensitive towards high pitched noises and large vibrations
- Small spaces (he cannot move as easily)
- Will suffer if lacking carbon dioxide

- Usually pacifistic, will only fight if attacked first
- Usually very polite
- Slightly gullible and clumsy
- Boisterous and loud around friends, quiet at first around strangers
- Once a goal has been set, he will stay focused on it
- Though he's very well mannered, if he needs money he'll be determined to get it

- He will get loud if angered or excited
- If he had a mouth he'd smile
- Talks politely and straightforward
- Does not have much of an accent, but will sometimes slur his words together, such as saying "I dunno" instead of "I don't know"

As a child, Bouje lived a happy and carefree life with his mother, father, and baby-brother, Bell on planet Vardir. He loved Bell very much, and they were always together. As they got older, Bouje began working and aimed to be able to support his family on his own. Bell went to school everyday, and wanted to be like Bouje when he grew up. It was when Bouje turned 14 that his happy life was shattered. When his mother and father were returning from vacation on a neighboring planet, their ship was shot down and destroyed. Bouje and Bell now lived as orphans, and despite their tragedy tried to live on as happily as possible. Bouje turned 16. Bell had caught a strange illness that had put him into a coma. Stricken by grief, Bouje asked every hospital and every professional he could find about possible cures for Bell's illness. Yet he could find no answers. The day Bouje turned 17, he rushed to the hospital after he was alerted that someone had cut off Bell's life support. By the time Bouje reached Bell's room, he was no longer breathing. After holding Bell's funeral, Bouje continued his normal life and shoved his dark past deep into his mind. He still tries to be happy and kind to everyone he meets, despite the painful scars he has hidden. Today, 18 years old and still very much a kid, he works for a living and travels from place to place looking for good work.

Likes: Fruit juice (he can drink that), his friends, fall, travelling
Dislikes: Running a lot, being insulted, injustice
Other: His hat was given to him by Bell. He treasures it.
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